Once again, pretty self-explanatory.

Let’s start with the episode of Scrubs I wrote for a spec script writing class. For those of you who–like me before i looked up this class–don’t know what a spec script is, it’s pretty simple: you write an episode of an existing show to display your talents to the people associated with that show, or at least that genre in general. Or, you write it for a class expecting more to happen, and then have the targeted show announce it’s final season, and then have that final season interrupted by an industry-crippling strike, and then have your script chill uselessly on your flash drive until you decide to throw it up on your wiltering-into-obscurity blog. And it’s not like fan-fic… you can’t write character changing events or season finale worthy developments into your your script; you’re just supposed to show your grasp of the characters and the show.

Anyway, mine’s not too shabby, and it’s here. Oh, and pasting it into wordpress messed up the screenwriter format a bit, but i was too lazy to fix it. And Oh again, this bitch is registered, so don’t steal it. Or the WGA will strike all over your face.


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